I found this novel interesting. I love Jane Austen and books about feelings in general and actually I liked this one because I learnt that being too passionate, like Marianne, isn’t the best way to live our life and neither is being too rational, like Elinor. Then we need to find a middle ground to be happy.


I recently read this book and I think every girl should read it because every women can identify themselves in Elinor or Marianne. The first is sense, the second is sensibility. Maybe there will be girls that could be both Elinor and Marianne. In my opinion, this book can help everyone to understand themselves better. The style is a little bit complicate, but I have improved my English, so I recommend it.


The Dashwood girls have opposite personalities: Elinor is sensible and reserved, her feelings are strong but she knows how to control them; Marianne, on the other hand, because of her sensitive, passionate and romantic behaviour withdraws into silence in desperation due to her sense of abandonment, but her pain of mind and body represents a turning point where she takes her older sister as her model. I recommend this book because it focuses on one of the big questions of life: head or heart?


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