This story takes place in a small New England community in the 19th century. It’s about the March family but mostly about the lives of four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. As they go through love and loss, they learn to become ”little women”. I loved this book and discovered how the people lived, dressed and talked in those times. It is a bit difficult to read because there are some words that I didn’t understand. I think anybody who likes family life would enjoy this book.


I recommend this book to all the people that love simple books but with profound themes. It focuses on issues such as poverty and brotherhood in this family, in which the father is away fighting in Civil war.


I really enjoyed this book. The plot is enthralling and it gives a lot of positive messages like generosity and respect, and the need to love what you have without giving in to envy. I would recommend this novel to all readers, but I don’t think that boys would like it.


I recommend this book because it’s the story of four sisters that are part of a poor family but always try to bring the best out of themselves while their father is away fighting in the Civil War.

I think that this is a beautiful book because it makes us understand that family is really important and you should try hard to be good and happy.


I’d like to recommend the book Little Women because it focuses on a story that teaches an important message: everybody should be happy even if he has some difficulties, just like the four sisters, who are the main characters, and always smile even if they are poor. This book is very interesting and I think it will also fascinate the people who usually aren’t interested in books.


This is a beautiful book which make you think a lot. It shows that women have a strong personality and, if they want, they will be able to change their lives. I liked this book because I think that the theme of woman’s condition is still very relevant today.


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