I recommend Ghost Stories to people who like horror stories and thrillers. This book contains six different stories about ghosts and mysteries. Every story contains moments of suspense and macabre details. I think the best stories are “Smee” and “The Ghost Coach” because they are more original than the others and when you start reading them, you can’t stop until the end because they’re very engaging. In my opinion, the worst story in this book is “Full Circle” because I think it is boring and not so thrilling as the other stories.


I liked this book, which is a collection of short horror stories, because it was nice to read, and, at the same time, it improved my vocabulary. I recommend this book to everyone who likes horror stories and wants to learn new words


I recommend this book to anyone who loves horror and ghost stories. This small book is very interesting and very simple to read. It consists of six short stories. You can read them sitting on your sofa or wherever you want. You should manage to read each story in more or less 15 minutes, provided you don’t get too scared!


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