This book focuses on Frankenstein, who was a scientist. He made a monster with pieces of corpses.

I recommend this book to all the people who like horror stories. At the beginning, the story is a bit frightening because a huge figure much bigger than a man appears on the ice. The story is easy to read and quite gripping.


I really enjoyed this book because it took me right away and it was never boring, even if there were a few strong scenes. I recommend this book to people who like horror stories because it is easy to read and understand.


I liked this book. The plot is interesting and the language is very simple. These are the reasons why I recommend this book to people that know a few English works. Even if I already read the story of Frankenstein, I enjoyed reading it again.


I liked this book because it’s particular and it’s easy to read even if it is a bit slow in some parts. My favourite character is the monster, it’s a bizarre monster and I liked it.

I recommend this book to everyone who loves fantasy and creepy books.


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