When I was young I read that book. I have always liked the story, but now I love it even more, because I can understand the main character’s (Scrooge) behavior better. I would recommend it to teenagers who are as old as me because the story has also a beautiful message and it is really addictive.


This book is written simply and the story is short. It teaches how everyone should live their life and that the future will change if you change. The spirits are described very well and when you read it you can see the scenes as if they were in front of you. I’d recommend this book to the people who want to read a short, but meaningful story.


This book is a Christmas story. According to Scrooge, Christmas is only a time when you become a year older. On Christmas Eve three spirits come to visit him, and they make him learn a lesson that he will never forget. I liked the book because it is easy and enjoyable, and the story is interesting. I’d recommend it to everybody.


This book is Charles Dickens’s masterwork. The plot is about an old and selfish man whose name is Ebenizer Scrooge. On Christmas Eve three ghosts visit and show him how he behaved in the past, how he behaves in the present and how he will behave in the future. It is the night that changes his life completely. He becomes generous and funny. I recommend this book to everyone who loves Christmas and fantasy books!


This is a book about a man who hates Christmas. The mood is very simple and I think that this book is for children. The negative aspect is that some parts of the story are a little boring.


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