This book is the autobiography of a horse which unfolds a lot of stories. The stories are all about cruel torture and kind attitude. This book teaches how animals should be treated and it also tells how to deal with people with sympathy, respect and kindness. I recommend it to everyone, especially those who love horses. This book has always been one of my favourites.


I think it is a moving story because it tells, in an easy language, how horses were treated in the 19th century. Some men were cruel and did not have feelings, in fact they used horses for their own purpose.

I would recommend this book to sensitive and emotional people who understand that every living thing must be treated respectfully.


The story is told in Black Beauty’s own words. In fact, all the book is written from the point of view of a horse. Beauty’s friends are hard to forget, especially high-spirited Ginger. This story is suitable for horse lovers because it’s full of loving empathy for these beautiful animals. You should read it!


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